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The more you give, the more you receive,
provided that the giving is motivated by  joy,
gratefulness, and unconditional love,
and provided that the gift is given freely
without attachment, expectation, or entitlement. 
The universe was constructed, and functions,
according to this principle.
Dr. Lydia Isenberger
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Would you like abundance in your life?
Then, read this:
The solution and the cure for poverty on this planet,
as well as the means for manifesting abundance
(in every area of your life), is to fulfill the law and cycle of Creation  by returning to the  universe
one-tenth of all that the Universe gives to you.
One of the key concepts of the teachings of metaphysics is the practice of giving the first
10% of all you receive, ongoingly, to a single
point of focus, since this fulfills the Law of Creation.
Dr. Lydia Isenberger