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These very powerful Energy Balancing Sessions will empower you to attract into your life the things that you desire and vanish from you the things you do not want. These sessions can stand alone or work as Energy Boosters and compliment other energy work like Reiki and other healing modalities. Each Energy Session is $300.00
Energy Balancing for Attracting    
Love and Marriage 
Order a session now to align yourself with the energy vibration of
Love, Relationships, and Marriage
This super energy charged sessions will create life changing results in the areas of love and relationships in your life. You will feel and enjoy the renewed romantic chemistry and love, commitment and devotion between you and your partner. If you are single, this energy will supercharge you and take you to a new specific dimension of love where you will  attract your true soul-mate to you.
Energy Balancing for Attracting Money
 Abundance and Wealth
Order a session now to align yourself with the Energy Vibration of
Money and open up your Money Flow!
This energy will bring to your life the ideal business relationship in your work situation, promotions, abundance and wealth. You will feel this energy  relaxes, cleanses, and energizes your whole being, and will send
a stream of Wealth Energy through your Solar Plexus Chakra to charge and Align You with the Spiritual Energies of Abundance.
It will also support your continued empowerment in the area of perpetual money flow into your life. Old negative beliefs you may have held about money are transcended and go away.
Energy Balancing for Health, Weight Loss
and Attracting a New Body Image
Order a session now to align yourself with the Energy Vibration of
Weight Loss and the Body You Desire!
This powerful energy will charge your chakras to bring about your ideal weight-loss
by creating in you the desire to do the things that will bring about good health and  natural beauty. This energy will enhance in you Self-Love and intuitively guide you
to create and Energize Your New Body Image: Thinner, Fitter, Younger Looking You!
You will love the New You!
  Energy Balancing to Win or
Vanish Court Cases
      Order a session now to align yourself with the energy of all the
deities of power and law to have them rule in your favor.
Usually these energy sessions can help you get a  favorable outcome in court. Since court cases vary so much, we ask that right after you pay for this session, you either call us or send  us an  e-mail  explaining your situation. 
We will reply to e-mails within 24 hours.
Energy Balancing for Return to Me
People, Pets and Objects
Order a Session Now to align yourself with the laws of attraction and have the
universe magickally return to you that which is yours!
These Return to Me Energy Sessions are very powerful to bring back to you that which is yours and was lost.  POWERFUL TO SUMMON LOST People, lovers, pets, valuable or sentimental objects, jobs, money owed to  you, etc.   
Bound and Binding, See the Sight, Hear the Sound!
What was Lost Now is Found!. So Mote It Be!