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Psychic Consultations
For centuries practitioners of the occult have been using the Tarot as an ideal means
of concentration and meditation to tune into the Universal Mind, and as a tool to gain insight into past present and future. Psychic Readings are the perfect medium to help
one to get through hard times.

   $125/HR                                                      $65/30min 

Experience the ultimate feeling of awareness with a
Psychic Consultation with Dr. Lydia.
Dr. Lydia is Clairvoyant~Medium and her readings provide answers to even
the most difficult problems encountered in daily life!

About Reiki
Experience the universal healing effects of
Personal and Distance Reiki Healings with Dr. Lydia
Reiki is a very powerful  system of energy healing.
Ancient Sacred sounds and symbols are used to
transfer the healing energy to the recipient.
Reiki heals humans, plants, pets, and situations.
Reiki releases emotional and mental blockages.
Reiki relieves bone, muscle and joint pain.
Reiki stimulates the immune system.
About Energy Balancing
Please visit the Energy Balancing Page for more
detailed information and to schedule a Session. 
  • To maintain good health the electromagnetic  energy must
flow easily through the entire body.
  • Energy Balancing transcends time and space,  client experiences the healing effects instantly. 
  • Energy Balancing opens, cleanses and synchronizes the chakras.
  • Energy balancing boosts the immune system.
  • Energy Balancing creates physical and emotional
well being.
  • Energy Balancing creates harmonious relationships.
  • Feel the new vibrant energy in you!
Illnesses are a symptom of energy imbalance. Some signs of electromagnetic energy imbalance are: pain, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, moodiness, insomnia, obesity, lack of motivation, addictions, bad luck, psychic attacks, etc.
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