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We are focused on providing the finest metaphysical services to our clients and we do everything we can to meet our clients expectations. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the best service in the holistic and wellness industry.
With a variety of services to suit your needs, we  are sure you'll be happy working with us. You may place some of your orders on this page, but there is so much more we offer, so we invite you to please visit our various  sections like Services, Energy Balancing, and New Age Classes for more detailed information we know you'll enjoy.


Personal, Phone, and Online Psychic Consultations
    $125/hr                                                         $65/30min   


Find out what the "FUTURE" has in store for you!
The reading provides answers  to the most  difficult problems encountered in your daily life! 
Your Spirit guides and Angels will channel to you information about your: Love, Career, Health, Finances, Moves, Pets, and Missing People.    
Personal and Distance Reiki Healings
  • Release emotional & mental blockages
  • Relieve bone, muscle and joint pain
  • Heal situations, pets, and plants
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Stop compulsive behaviours
  • Enjoy harmonious relationships
  • Open to the Inner power to heal yourself  
  • Channel the Angelic realm
Distance Energy Balancing
Please visit the Energy Balancing Page
   to order specific sessions listed below.
These very powerful Attraction Energy Balancing Sessions will empower you to
attract into your life the things that you desire!
These sessions can stand alone or work as Energy Boosters and compliment other energy work like Reiki, and will produce positive shifts in the areas of:
  • Love and Marriage
  • Money Flow and Abundance
  • Career - Business - Stocks
  • Weight Loss and New Image
  • Victory in Court Cases
  • Return of Lost People/objects
Illnesses are a symptom of energy imbalance. Some signs of electromagnetic energy imbalance are: pain, depression, obesity, anxiety, moodiness, insomnia, weakness, lack of motivation, eating disorders, addictions, panic attacks, and  bad luck.                
We are also available for
Psychic Parties~Social Events~Retreats~and Seminars.  
 310 370-6038 
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